Welcome to Elevo Dynamics

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Elevo Dynamics Is A Full-Service DOJYM

Welcome to Elevo Dynamics, where we house an innovative blend of the Ninja Martial Arts, Functional Cardio Kickboxing and a state of the art 24-hour gym, addressing the needs of modern families. Our unique facility has been architecturally designed to create the world’s first DOJYM (doh-gym).

The DOJYM seamlessly connects the dojo (martial arts training hall) and the 24-hour state of the art gym in such a way that it allows your family to be actively engaged in physical, mental and emotional growth while simultaneously staying connected in one another’s individual experience.

Elevo Dynamics Is Concerned About You And Your Family’s Complete Well-Being


Nowhere else can you experience the level of quality, connectivity and advanced training methods as provided at our dynamic facility.  It is our desire to meet your needs on multiple levels.

Bring your family to the DOJYM at Elevo Dynamics…

…where families go to train and grow.