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Five reasons why our martial art after school program is good for your youth
Kid in defensive posture

1. Our After school care teaches a life skill
2. We provide homework & snack time
3. We instill Confidence and discipline
4. We teach anti-bully strategies
5. You child will grow in a supportive community

1. Our Martial Arts After School program teaches life skills that will help your youth grow and overcome challenges.

Kid protecting herself against another kid

At Elevo Dynamics we offer a unique After School program.

Our program gives you the peace of mind, knowing your child is safe and learning valuable life skills through martial arts training that will enhance their life in a fun and adventurous way.

2. Our program gives your youth a quiet and comfortable place to complete their homework and feed their bodies before training.

At Elevo Dynamics we understand the importance of education and we value study and homework time.

We also understand that the mind and body needs nourishment to focus and perform to a high standard so we provide a calm atmosphere place to study and enjoy snack time.

Kid doing homework with Elevo Dynamics staff member

3. Two of the most important qualities we teach are Confidence and Focus, which are both necessities to success.

Kids lined up receiving instruction

Our martial arts program is time-tested and is proven to increase a child’s confidence and focus.

Our structured classes stress discipline and respect in a fun environment that teach youth how to focus on overcoming obstacles and building confidence in their abilities through guided training that allows students to achieve small victories.

4. We empower your child with an understanding of how to overcome bullying and other real-world challenges with real-world solutions.

Our program offers youth a safe place to train and learn how to deal with bullying and other life challenges.

Our scenario-based training teaches students to stand strong and find their voice when facing bullying.

We provide proven strategies for handling the mental and emotional stress that comes from being the target of bullying behavior as well as physical self defense.

Kid protecting himself against another kid

5. The more positive environments your child can be in the more likely they are to internalize positive values that will stick with them their whole life.

At Elevo we understand the importance of value-based training that helps youth understand how to find lasting friendship and success in the world. We recognize that it is important for a youth to be in multiple environments that value community, honor, respect and other values that create lasting bonds and quality relationships. Our instructors are positive role-models that believe in the principle of “Each One, Teach One.”

Get quality child care while also taking advantage of a one of a kind extracurricular activity. Your youth will grow healthy in mind and body while they learn valuable life skills that will enhance every aspect of their lives.

Get these benefits for your child's life today. Get started now!