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Five reasons why we are the best training facility for you
Hakim Isler demonstrating a blocking position

1. Intelligent Self-Defense Training
2. Weight Loss & Stress Relief
3. Community of Friends
4. Self Exploration & Adventure
5. Skills that Go Beyond the Mat

1. Learn how to defend yourself in a multitude of scenarios that will not land you on the wrong side of the law.

Many in our society feel vulnerable and would like a way to defend themselves if they end up in a dangerous situation. At Elevo Dynamics our martial arts classes build strength, confidence, flexibility and focus while teaching easy to learn, effective, scenario-based self-defense. Studying martial arts can help you overcome the feelings of vulnerability and give you the belief in your ability to ward off an attack and keep you and your family safe.

Our training uses time-tested and proven ways of dealing with danger. We use scenario-based training to teach you how to deal with three aspects of:

Woman kneeing man
  • Emotional Attacks
  • Mental Attacks
  • Physical Attacks

With each class you will feel more complete and confident in your ability to deal with danger and manipulation in various situations.

2. Studying martial arts will help you lose weight and lower stress, which will improve your quality of life and how you interact with others.

Many adults accept stress as a way of life, whether it comes from their jobs, their families, or other issues. Managing stress is a must since too much stress can lead to high blood pressure and depression, among other things. Working out releases endorphins and helps increase feelings of well-being and positivism.

Martial arts helps build and tone muscle. All martial arts training focuses on strength, balance, flexibility, and building core strength as students progress.

Good muscle tone is essential since muscle burns more calories than fat – and having a toned body helps increase vitality and confidence.

Man before and after training at Elevo Dynamics

“I lost over 60 lbs. and earned my Blackbelt. Joining Elevo Dynamics was one of the best decisions I ever made!” – Robert A.

3. Gain a new community of friends that are seeking to empower themselves and their family through the life-enhancing benefits of martial arts.

Elevo Dynamics community of friends group picture at a restaurant

As an adult, making new friends outside of work and finding time to socialize can be difficult. Joining our martial arts program is one way to connect with people with similar interests.

Exercising with friends will motivate you and make it less likely for you to skip workouts.

Making friends in our martial arts school helps you build a social circle and gives you buddies to cheer you on and celebrate successes.

Elevo Dynamics community of friends group picture outside

Our martial arts school is a friendly community where you will form a team-like bond and feel supported and encouraged as you strive to meet your goals.

4. Looking to break up the boring routine of the everyday? Our martial arts program will challenge you on a multitude of levels, both on and off the mat.

Group of Elevo Dynamics students being led along a path in the woods

Many people feel stuck in a routine. The average person is too busy in their life to make time for planning an adventure or exploring things that can grown them to new levels of self-awareness and discovery.

In our martial arts program at Elevo Dynamics, adventure is part of the training. We enjoy several events each year that members can participate in that take members off the mat and allow them to explore new things…

and new aspects about themselves. This provides personal growth while giving them the fun and excitement that comes with adventure.

Group of Elevo Dynamics students in the woods

5. Martial arts training will improve your life; not give you an escape from it.

The idea of going off to some mountain temple to train in the ways of a secret martial art system is fun to watch in the movies but is not something for everyone. Everyone can benefit from martial arts training, however, it is tough to find a martial art that will not only improve your physical and mental health, but also relate to your everyday life.

Our martial art at Elevo Dynamics will enhance your interactions with your family, your co-workers, etc. The skills you learn are based around how you operate and give you a deep understanding of how to adapt to any environment you may be in or situation you may face.

Get these benefits for your life today. Get started now!