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Five reasons why our cardio kickboxing is good for you
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1. It’s fun, functional and relieves stress
2. The class is always different
3. It burns 300+ calories
4. You will meet new friends to grow with
5. It’s a community that holds you accountable

1. Very few things are as fun and stress relieving as hitting and kicking a bag.

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At Elevo Dynamics we offer a unique kickboxing class called Pressure Point. This class is a functional blend of striking, cardio, and weight training exercises.

This program was design by a competitive kick-boxer to give participants the fun workout of a fighter without the dangers associated with such training.

2. The name of the game is muscle endurance through muscle confusion. Our workouts are interesting and always changing.

At Elevo Dynamics we understand that one of the biggest killers of motivation is a routine that never changes. We also know that a varying work out routine helps in the calorie burning process as well as the overall fitness of a person. This is why we vary our workout routines. Each time you come your workout will be fun, new and challenging.

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3. It is no secret that kick-boxers are known for their lean physiques, muscle endurance and stamina. You will burn calories while having so much fun it won’t seem like a workout.

Lady in boxing pose

Studies have shown that Cardio kick-boxing can burn from 300+ calories in 30 minutes. knock those pounds off with every punch and kick in a comfortable environment that works you at your pace.

See steady growth as you progress with a coach that will push you to meet and exceed your goals in an encouraging way.

4. You are not a number! You are family! You will immediately feel like a friend when you step on the mat.

At Elevo Dynamics we don’t focus on quantity of patrons, we focus on quality service.

We focus on forging quality relationships as we understand people are willing to push themselves more with friends in a facility they feel comfortable in.

Hakim Isler kicking

5. As we mentioned above you are like family from the minute you step on the mat. Your goals become our goals and as a member of our Elevo family we help you by holding you accountable.

At Elevo we understand that people often have a hard time holding themselves accountable. This is one of the reasons being part of a group that wants to see you succeed is priceless. Your kick-boxing coach will help you track your success and will hold you accountable if you don’t show up for training.

From the look, to the smell, to the feel, our intention is to support your desire of growing healthy and fit in an environment worthy of you.

Get these benefits for your life today. Get started now!