Empower Your Family With Ninja Self Defense

At Elevo Dynamics we teach a modern version of the ancient Japanese Ninja warrior martial art called Ninjutsu. Our contemporary system now called Ninja Self-Defense is rich with a blend of tradition and modern application. As taught by Stephen K. Hayes the father of Modern Ninjutsu in the western world, our art is the most adaptive, innovative and empowering martial arts available to our society. Our art is Intelligence In Action growing a student’s:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Discipline
  • Leadership Skills
  • Team cohesiveness
  • Critical thinking
  • Emotional strength
  • Adaptability


Repetition and memorization of movements is not our focus!

Competition based training is not our focus!

Teaching how to succeed in a divers arena of challenges in life is our focus! We use reality based, time tested training methods to grow a student’s Emotional, Mental and Physical self through safe, challenging adventure training.

Advancement at Elevo Dynamics is earned through a student’s ability to successfully triumph over scenario based testing that examines the student’s capacity to deal with real world challenges.


Our students learn how to deal with subtle and direct Emotional, Mental and Physical attacks. Our art is for the intelligent practitioner who wants to be more than just a good fighter. We are Strategic Warrior Protectors versed in all methods of self-protection. Our training includes:


  • Warrior Philosophy
  • Warrior Strategy
  • Warrior Spirit enhancement
  • Stick combat (bat, cane, etc.)
  • Knife combat
  • Flexible weapons (chains, ropes, etc.)
  • Traditional weapons (Sword, spear, staff, etc.)
  • Empty hand Combat
  • Grappling (standing & on the ground)
  • Locks & joint manipulation
  • Throws


Begin now and enhance your life or the life of your family member through the Ninja martial arts taught at Elevo Dynamics.

Contact us today to begin your Ninjutsu journey, and empower the life of your entire family!