Kali Testing

By September 25, 2018 Uncategorized

Kali Testing Rescheduled to Sunday October 14th, 2:30pm – 5:00pm at Lake Rim Park.

This is only for Elevo Dynamics FCS Kali Practitioners.

What is FCS Level Testing?
FCS Level Tests are mandatory tests that all kali members must complete in order to move on to their next level. The test is held every three months. Multiple level practitioners can test at the same time. However if a practitioner is the highest level in the testing group then they are responsible for bringing a training partner to assist them in their testing. Testing is $65 per test and there is a minimum of five tests that have to be taken and passed to be eligible for black belt/full instructor certification (this title can only be given out at a Gathering).

When do you test?
Your instructor will tell you when you are eligible for testing. Testing is determined on an individual level based on the practitioner’s ability to retain and properly perform all aspects of the curriculum.

What does FCS Kali Testing consist of?
Each level of testing will require a practitioner to demonstrate proficient knowledge and demonstration of the FCS curriculum. The practitioner will be questioned about the details of the technique as well as asked to demonstrate each portion of the curriculum as a feeder and a receiver. Practitioners will have to perform a Carenza using the movement from their level. You will also need to be prepared to spare. All testing will have to partake in several rounds of sparring.

Note: Be sure to have all of your sparring gear which can be purchased at the front desk (head gear, gloves, foam knife, foam stick, wooden stick).

What do you need for testing?
The equipment required is primarily based on the level of the practitioner testing. You will need all of the equipment necessary to test for your level. Always bring your curriculum note book as this is part of your proper equipment.

What are the levels for testing?
There are 5 levels in FCS to acquire before you can test to be a Manong/fully certified instructor (black belt) in FCS Kali.
LEVEL 1 PRACTITIONER – The starting point of an FCS practitioner. This rank would be equal to a white belt in other systems.

LEVEL 2 PRACTITIONER – The second of the 5 primary rank levels in FCS. This rank would be equal to a yellow belt in other systems.

LEVEL 3 PRACTITIONER – The third of the primary rank levels in FCS. This rank would be equal to a blue belt in other systems.

LEVEL 4 PRACTITIONER – The fourth of the primary rank levels in FCS. This rank would be equal to a brown belt in other systems.

LEVEL 5 PRACTITIONER – The last of the primary rank levels in FCS. This rank would be equal to the rank just before a black belt in other systems.