Are you ready to take your training to the next level?

Whether you’re in Law Enforcement, the Military, or just want to learn how to deal with extreme threats to your life, FCS Kali is for you.

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What Is FCS Kali?

kaliIt’s specialized training in empty hand, stick and edged weapon combat.

Throughout the history of the Philippines, constant tribal warfare created a need for extreme and effective close quarters combat methods. Over the years of constant turmoil these methods were refined for quick incapacitation of an enemy.

The United States was first introduced to this fighting system in the early 1900′s when fighting Filipino warriors. These warriors were revered for their intense drive and complete lack of fear as they ran hacking and slashing at American soldiers with guns drawn.

In fact, they were so effective they forced the US to switch from a .38 caliber to .45 caliber pistol and the shotgun because more power was needed to stop the deadly Filipino warriors from getting close enough to kill.

Today, the Filipino Combat Systems martial art of Kali applies the system developed by these fearsome warriors to modern close quarters combat. Anyone with the potential to face an aggressor wielding some type of knife, stick or even fists will benefit from this training.

What Can FCS Kali Do For You?

FCS Kali will give you an understanding of dynamic movement, explosive and instinctive responses to physical threats from an aggressor bearing a knife, stick or empty hands. It’s laser-focused training with a quick payoff in your personal safety.

Whether you want to add these skills to your existing training or make this your introduction to self-defense, the Fayetteville Filipino Combat Systems Kali club at Elevo Dynamics is for you.

FCS Kali Fayetteville – “When Winning isn’t Optional!”


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