Our programs emphasize “intelligence in motion” as opposed to relying on sheer strength, superior speed and flexibility. To-Shin Do (modern ninjutsu) is based on science and natural movement. Core scientific components include psychological warfare (for example, leading an attacker into a trap by manipulating their intentions to harm you), the physics of timing, balance, angling, leverage, gravity (you will learn to use gravity as an ally rather than work hard to defy it), and techniques for using the musculoskeletal system against itself.

To-Shin Do is a contemporary form of Taijutsu – the complete system of self-protection practiced by Japan’s legendary Ninja Shadow Warriors. To-Shin Do focuses exclusively on minimal effort, maximum effect and practical responses to real world attacks.

A clear example of this is the To-Shin Do approach of using one’s own body weight in cooperation with gravity to defeat an assailant, rather than struggling to defy gravity by, for example, kicking a standing attacker in the head.